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Business Coaching
Turn your idea into successful advertising by testing and measuring
Testing and Measuring Business coaches use the term testing and measuring frequently. This practice forms an essential part of ongoing mentoring programs with clients. What are we talking about anyway? It’s really quite simple. We don’t realize it but we test everything in our daily lives. You always take a new car for a test...
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Sales coach
Sales Coach Why do you need a sales coach? Let’s face it, business owners are independent people who want to make their mark by working for themselves. They are highly motivated, self-starters. They are the ones who leap into action. Unfortunately, they often postpone their selling activity preferring the immediacy of operations. Achieving revenue growth...
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brand fan ladder of loyalty helps prevent sales problems
Small Business Sales Problems Sales problems for small businesses typically have three things in common:  The business owner is the “rainmaker” but isn’t trained in sales.  There is no coherent sales process or marketing system.  New clients come from referrals from current clients. Client referrals almost always result in prospects but most businesses focus on...
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DISC High C accountant cfo controller
Selling to High C You are the new sales rep. Your new boss is a hard charging high D DISC type (extroverted, task oriented.) He wants results. Your new boss is giving you a challenge: selling the high C DISC types. So how do you handle this new challenge? How Does a High I Sell...
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DISC High S: Quietly Powerful The DISC High S is the person who typically never wants to be in front of the group, leaving the limelight for others.  This does not mean they are meek, they simply do not gain energy from the spotlight. The DISC High S prefers to work in a supportive role...
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DISC High D is Dominating
Dominating is the DISC High D High D types are probably going to skim through this page. After all, time is wasting, there are decisions to be made, and things to get done. The ultimate extroverted, task driven type, they are results oriented, bottom line organizers. Also, they are competitive, self starters and always looking...
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Identity iceberg, we only see behavior DISC profile
Your DISC Identity Iceberg Similar to an iceberg, your DISC identity is like the ice that shows above the surface.  But about 90% of the iceberg is submerged and never seen.  So it is with people. DISC is widely misunderstood.  It is not a complete picture of your personality.  Its not about what is inside...
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Niche marketer, marketing mechanic, business alignment
Medical Marketing Consultant If you are looking for help marketing your medical product or service, give me a call.  Whether medical device, pharmaceutical, capital equipment, disposable products, or services, I can help. Product Management My experience in smaller firms and start-ups exposed me to all facets of running a device company. Included were better packaging...
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People know, like and trust before buying
People Buy from People They Like People do business with people they like. Pretty simple but not always obvious. Take companies dependent upon leads from Internet marketing such as websites, pay per click ads, and lead services. It is not unusual for the company to buy a CRM system that comes complete with auto-responder features....
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