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DISC Profile

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Your DISC Profile

DISC profile combines communication style and your driving forces: what motivates you. Generally speaking, DISC is a one dimensional report.  When combining it with the driving forces you have a 3 dimension report. Knowing what drives you as well as your communication style rounds out the fuller picture of your personality.

Moreover, our DISC profiles your behavior in both a work environment and in natural situations. We help you understand how to communicate better, especially in sales. This helps you learn how to communicate with others, especially clients.

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Getting to Know Your DISC Profile Type

Its kind of strange how many people find the report highly accurate.  They are amazed that with 20 multiple choice questions, their report is so on target. Then the fun begins.  You can start figuring out the DISC for your friends, relatives and co-workers.  After doing this exercise for a few weeks, you are more aware of others behavior. Then start using it to improve your sales success.

Improve Your Sales Performance

Sales success is built on relationships and trust.  When you communicate in a style that similar to your prospect’s, they start feeling good about you.  And that is the first step.

DISC Profile: Making Managers More Effective

Complex products have manuals, but human beings don’t. Information provided in our DISC profile reports help you effectively coach employees and sales people.  With our training, managers learn how to  properly use the information.

Our DISC Profile including Driving Forces assessments is tailored to sales people. The report helps sales reps understand how to communicate more effectively with prospects and clients. It is available for other people as well.

Define Behavior Styles with DISC Profile

There are four defined characteristics which vary for each individual.   As a result, there are literally hundreds of permutations.  Therefore, no one is ever a 100% completely High D or High S or any other single characteristic.

  • D is for Dominance  This is manifested by being task oriented, outgoing and Dominating.
  • I is for Influencing    The I loves to Influence people using their gift of language.
  • S is for Steadiness     No business runs without the Steady, consistent performance of the S.
  • C is for Compliance  While everyone runs around with their heads chopped off, the C is keeping the business in Compliance.

How You Benefit – Working With Us

The CEO or other key manager is welcome to take the Talent Insights assessment for sales people free.

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