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DISC High S: Quietly Powerful

The DISC High S is the person who typically never wants to be in front of the group, leaving the limelight for others.  This does not mean they are meek, they simply do not gain energy from the spotlight. The DISC High S prefers to work in a supportive role helping those around to achieve for the good of the organization.

People Oriented, Team Player

They are people oriented and will form close bonds with others.  When they have personal problems, they tend to mask their emotions even though they are an emotional person. After all, showing your emotions might upset others or call attention to yourself.  They are great at building teams of people in a collaborative not authoritarian way.  Even when under personal stress, others, especially the task oriented Ds and Cs will never know it.

One Project at a Time

The High S needs closure. The do not enjoy juggling too many projects especially if they don’t have time to finish one.  They are much more comfortable working one project to completion.  They are also very loyal people who enjoy a routine to their job and tend to stay with the same employer for many years.  Likewise in personal relationships and marriage they will adjust to their partner’s needs in order to maintain harmony.  This may lead to a build up of stress, yet the High S will find “complaining” to be distasteful.

The DISC High S in Sales

The most important factors in successful sales people are their attitudes and values, not their DISC type.  In America, the outgoing, good looking and charming  self promoting “I” is the quintessential sales person.  However, the charm of the I, may not be accompanied by the drive to achieve and they may be poor at closing.  An S type can close the sale but in a way where the client wants to see them again and again.  The top sales people place a high value on efficiency, utility and economics.

The best sales people are typically highly Utilitarian, a value measured in another test called Driving Forces.  When the Utilitarian motivator is ranked first of the six factors, motivating the sales person becomes much easier.

The High S as Leader

A motivated S can be an excellent leader.  Their group or company will tend towards the harmonious and there will be a collegial atmosphere of cooperation rather than intimidation.  The core of a good leader is getting people to follow.  The leader with the drive, vision and discipline will be successful regardless of their behavior type.

Susan Cain: Quiet

Read more about the High S in Susan Cain’s book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”.    The book is an in depth look at the introvert in America.  It explores the chasm between married extroverts and introverts; how American business schools are pushing everyone to be extroverted; and how to help your introverted child.  Cain also spends ample time on the achievements of the S.

Most people are a blend of two to four of the DISC components, so even a High S may draw on other communication strengths when needed.

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