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Selling the High C DISC Type

DISC High C accountant cfo controller

Selling to High C

You are the new sales rep. Your new boss is a hard charging high D DISC type (extroverted, task oriented.) He wants results. Your new boss is giving you a challenge: selling the high C DISC types. So how do you handle this new challenge?

How Does a High I Sell the High C?

You are a high I DISC type (extroverted, people oriented) with a fair amount of D (helps you as a closer.) However, the high C (introverted, task oriented), is the prospect no one in your company has ever sold. It’s the person your colleagues want to avoid. In fact, your sales manager may have dumped a bunch of these on you hoping you can do what no one has done before.

That said, let’s make you the new sales hero.

Here is how.

Selling the Introverted C

The C is introverted and task oriented. Often, they become accountants and engineers. The CFO is usually a high C. They are the inventors of the put off “give me a quote.” Translation: get me some numbers so I can decide without having to listen to you anymore.

By nature, they are suspicious and don’t like change, especially changing from a vendor they like. If your product isn’t proven, don’t bring it to this person. They are not innovators.

Firstly, skip the small talk. In fact, stop being overly talkative and don’t be pushy. Do not touch them and don’t be emotional. It just won’t work. This person is not the one for the hard sell.

Work for Their Trust

You are going to have to work to get their trust and get them to like you. Instead, help them gather information. Let them evaluate the facts. Reference testimonials, especially if from others like them. Provide them a lot of written information. And make sure your statements coincide with the literature.

Multi-Step Sales Process

You must have a multi-step sales process. The more consistent you are the more likely they will be to trust you. Trusting you is a critical step in this process. Therefore, plan to have several meetings to review information with them and answer their questions. Learn to listen and ask open ended questions to draw them into a conversation. Be smart, they like a process so develop one.

Closing the High C

You can close the high C after they have been shown respect for their thoroughness. For example, if you have a special offer then is ending soon, let them know. They do need to know that investing now gets them a better deal on your proven product.  Remember, this is a fact, not an emotion.  And the high C likes facts.

Asking them for a small, fully refundable deposit to hold this price or the item is acceptable. But you need to handle this as a logical step in the process. You are allowing them the time they still need to evaluate it but doing them a favor of locking in the price.

Another proven method is the “warm puppy” close. You are allowing them to take the item home or try it in the office for a limited time. Again, this is to allow them to complete their evaluation process.

Match Their Pace

In conclusion, take a deep breath, slow down your pace to match their pace. After meeting their pace for decision making, you can them lead them to the best solution.

And that is how you become the sales hero in your new company. Take that, High D boss!

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