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How to Improve Sales Results

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Improve Sales Results with DISC

Understand how your DISC behavior type and your customer’s interact can help improve sales results.

What is DISC?

Basically, its about communication as is sales.  Your DISC is defined by your personal mix of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, or Compliance behaviors. Your own personal behavior soup, if you wish. We are all different.

We help you understand what other people see and hear when you speak.  In turn, we help you quickly appraise the listening style of your prospect.  Because DISC is also about how they listen. In fact, we help you with very specific language points to use when speaking to the others.

What About the OTHERS?

Others are all those who’s DISC is different from yours.  When a D speaks to another D, its bliss. Its short and direct to the bullet points. On the other hand, when a D interacts with an I, a shape shifting must occur.  The I wants to chat, talk, converse and get to know you, because this is how they Influence others.  Of course, our D is uncomfortable with this and may come off brusk, rude and even imperious.

How Long is a DISC Survey?

Taking a DISC profile survey takes about 10 minutes and you receive a 25 page report.  The D’s who have read this far should know theirs has charts and graphs with summaries.  C’s can read every page and all the details to understand themselves better.

DISC to Improve Sales

Putting it to work is Step One in our sales training process.  Its a process of helping you dig deep to create the right conversation style for each type you meet.  Most of our clients find it fascinating especially the High I’s who can’t stop talking about it.  I am not sure what the C’s really think but judging that they are not rolling their eyes, I would say they find it useful.

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