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Our Business Management blog covers planning: business planning, marketing, and selling. Plus we provide DISC profile support and information. There are articles related to selling skills and marketing tactics. Most are helpful thoughts on making your revenue generation better.

We write informational articles and hope they help you with your day to day business situations. As with all blogs, articles are in reverse chronological order.  However, we sometimes edit older blogs to update them.  They may be recycled to the top of the blog.

If you are in the planning phase of your business, our management blog BEST guides (Business Effectiveness System) are available free from our contact page.

The BEST guides are copyright protected but we are happy to send you the ones that you are ready to use, either on your own, with  your team or with our help.

We also provide a free 30 minute business consultation.



Need experienced business consultant to beat recession and inflation.
April 29, 2023

Hire An Experienced Business Consultant…

Hire Experienced Business Consultant Hire an experienced business consultant who is accountable for your results. And can hold you accountable for implementing changes and achieving goals. Inflation and Recession The twin pressures of inflation and possible recession demand that you rebuild your company in a more efficient and effective way. Build a better revenue generation...
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Niche marketer Florida Jim Shumate marketing consultant
January 25, 2023


Marketing Strategy Drives Your Business Marketing makes your business go, that’s a fact. Many businesses confuse marketing and sales. Marketing people are not the folks directly selling to your customers. Your marketing strategy should identify your unique selling proposition, a niche where you dominate, create the strategies and promotional tactics.  But it is more than...
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Turn your idea into successful advertising by testing and measuring
January 22, 2023

Testing and Measuring

Testing and Measuring Business coaches use the term testing and measuring frequently. This practice forms an essential part of ongoing mentoring programs with clients. What are we talking about anyway? It’s really quite simple. We don’t realize it but we test everything in our daily lives. You always take a new car for a test...
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Hit your target market with your USP
January 19, 2023

Your Target Market

Your Target Market Your target market is that single persona that is at the very bullseye of your marketing. Once you have that persona determined, your advertising and marketing will have a much higher response rate. Your advertising also needs a program for testing and measuring. So let’s find your target market / target persona....
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Direct mail lives with profitable ROI
January 12, 2023

Direct Mail Lives

Direct Mail Is Alive Direct mail is alive although it is losing favor with a lot of internet oriented marketers.  Why?  Does it not have the same pull it once did?  Is it because it stopped working or because the ROI isn’t there?  Or is it just an emotional race to Internet marketing? If properly,...
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January 11, 2023

Create Your USP “Unique Selling Point”

Your USP is Your Unique Selling Proposition Last month we focused on building a vision for your business. Part of this was creating  uniqueness about your business that sets you company apart from the competition, supports strong pricing and helps create customer loyalty. Called your Unique Selling Point (or Proposition or Unique Value Proposition), or USP,...
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Sales effectiveness proces, sales management
January 10, 2023

Sales Process

Sales Process Sales process is a key to building your sales revenues. Most successful companies build and follow a systematic process. And the more efficient it is, the more effective the sales team becomes. At the end of the day, profits stem from the success of your sales team. Let’s create a sales process that...
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Sales coach
January 10, 2023

Sales Coach

Sales Coach Why do you need a sales coach? Let’s face it, business owners are independent people who want to make their mark by working for themselves. They are highly motivated, self-starters. They are the ones who leap into action. Unfortunately, they often postpone their selling activity preferring the immediacy of operations. Achieving revenue growth...
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brand fan ladder of loyalty helps prevent sales problems
December 28, 2022

Small Business Sales Problems

Small Business Sales Problems Sales problems for small businesses typically have three things in common:  The business owner is the “rainmaker” but isn’t trained in sales.  There is no coherent sales process or marketing system.  New clients come from referrals from current clients. Client referrals almost always result in prospects but most businesses focus on...
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