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Direct mail lives with profitable ROI

Direct Mail Is Alive

By: Jim Shumate

Direct mail is alive although it is losing favor with a lot of internet oriented marketers.  Why?  Because  it does not have the same pull it once did.  Is it because it stopped working or because the ROI isn’t there?  Or is it just an emotional race to Internet marketing?

It is true that is has lost impact but its far from dead.  In fact, properly executed direct mail is still one of the best values and most measurable of communication mediums.  A good message, solid A/B testing and a good list are the key ingredients.

Direct Mail Example 1.

A friend of mine markets for a medical products company.  He is an old line marketer and insisted that direct mail marketing works.  Of  course, others told him he was nuts.  A few weeks later a salesman walked into a prospect.  The prospect goes the back and brings out the brochure from the mail program.   In fact, the same salesman walked into two in a row and had the same thing happen.

Why did this work?  First of all, it was a brilliantly executed and expensive piece.  But more than that, the client could get his hands on it.  He could hold it, feel it and absorb the information without going to the web.  That alone gave some credibility to this new company.

Direct Mail Example 2

My wife is director of marketing for a newspaper, the Business Observer charged with building circulation.  As you probably know, newspaper circulation is off about 30% to 40%.

But understanding the demographics of her readers, she decided for direct mail marketing over a heavy social media program and email.  The result was a 23% increase in paid subscriptions in 2011.  When you consider the drop out rate of around 30%, this means she put almost 80% new readers in one year.

And the piece used? A simple request to subscribe in a #10 envelope.  She tested a wide range of different offers and presentations, changing one element with each mailing until she got the hottest conversion piece.

So direct mail is far from dead.  You just have to manage it using scientific methods, testing and measuring, and paying attention to your ROI math.

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