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Business Planning

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Business plan? Have you put off writing it? If planning is really that painful, then let us help work you through it together.

Business Plans

Business planning works when it involves the owner in the process. Hiring an MBA to write the plan is a sure fire prescription for failure.  Great plan but only they know what’s in it, not you.

Use our exclusive, hands on process for turning your company into the dynamic enterprise of your dreams.  We call it the “Business Effectiveness System” or BEST for short  It is based on a series of guidebooks we developed and use to coach you through it. We work at your pace making changes and improvements in your enterprise as we go.

BEST Process

Our BEST guidebooks start with a basic overview  called “Business Perspectives.  We gather the data and information with you.  The core of your enterprise emerges as we finish guidebook one.

From their, we choose the guidebooks that cover the areas you wish to focus on first, choosing from:

  • Moving Your Business Forward
  • Sales Processes
  • Business Processes Explored
  • People Make It Work – Your Team
  • Legal and Finance

Growth Triangle

The 3 sides of your growth triangle are Revenue, Production and People. Balancing your growth triangle sometimes means working on building your weakest area first.  Did you start this because you know how to make and deliver the product or service?  That’s cool! Most do. New owners typically do all the selling they need to feed revenue needs at first.  But as it grows, the step from doing it all yourself to building the team starts.

Starting Out On Your Journey

Are you ready to start? Building your dream is a journey. And the journey is fun, hard work true, but a great experience.

So let’s start building your dream today!