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Jim Shumate

Jim Shumate is your sales consultant, sales trainer and sales coach for Tampa Bay, FL

Jim Shumate, Business Consultant

I am a senior executive with extensive experience and success in sales, marketing, medical products and business coaching. My an in-depth understanding of business helps my clients grow their business. My core experience is in medical devices, telemedical software, pharmaceuticals, capital equipment, surgical products and physician services.

Services I provide include:

  • Business owner coaching and strategic consulting
  • Business planning and marketing
  • Sales training and customer communication
  • Creative problem solving
  • Team communication sessions and DISC profiles

Career Path

My career spans Sales Representative, Product Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and certified Business Coach and Consultant. Much of my experience is in medical markets. From sales I moved into product management with a major pharmaceutical company.  I found complex challenges of product management stimulating and rewarding. The position had the responsibility of a general manager with absolutely zero authority. So I learned the art of motivating people to do something for me.

From that experience, I moved to taking on the challenge of a medical device start-up. Our start-up became one of the top three companies in its industry. We were highly profitable 35-million-dollar company that changed the industry.  All that in just 4 years!

Sales and Marketing Experience

Although not a “natural salesman,” I became a successful through hard work and desire.  However, learning the sales processes and selling techniques really helped me become a better trainer.

As a sales and marketing executive, I was always in the field working with my reps. I loved helping close deals. Sometimes, I was the executive “fixer” when things went wrong. Most of all, I am the “salesman’s sales manager,” seeing the world from their point of view.

Business Consultant and Coach

In 2001, I became one of the first franchise owners of what is now called Action COACH (Action International).  I helped my business owner clients improve their revenues by hands on coaching and support.

My Work History

Telemedical Partners LLC: CEO, Member, Board of Directors
Niche Marketer LLC: Owner dba Virtual Care Partner
Rapid Web Services LLC: Chief Operating Officer
Action International: Business Consultant and Coach
PuriLens Inc: Vice President, Sales and Marketing: Contact Lens Care
Essilor Technologies: Vice President, Sales and Marketing: Equipment
DgR Inc: Vice President, Sales and Marketing: IOLs
Optical Radiation Corporation: Director, Sales and Marketing: IOLs
Barnes Hind Pharmaceuticals, Revlon Healthcare: Product Manager
Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Inc: Sales Representative /Product Manager

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Jim Shumate certified behavior analyst, DISC profiles and motivation driving forces in Tampa Bay, FL

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