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Jim Shumate

Jim Shumate is your sales consultant, sales trainer and sales coach for Tampa Bay, FL

Business Consultant, Master Problem Solver

As your business consultant, I will support you in growing your business and achieving your goals. I will focus on generating more bottom line quickly to offset the cost of my services. This means immediately working on evaluating your pricing model for opportunities. Then helping you convert more leads into business by improving your team’s selling skills. Neither of these require additional funding from you.

Let’s look at how we can get your team more involved in being productive. Are your metrics in place and is everything important being measured? What gets measured gets done. DISC profiles may improve their communication skills.

I like having a one page plan that is easy to reference. If Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address on the back of an envelope, we can create a clear, concise one page business plan. Check out our BEST business planning guide to building your business.

Here is a short list of the project services I provide:

  • Business planning,
  • Strategic marketing,
  • Business coaching.
  • Team communications,
  • Sales meeting facilitation
  • Developing sales process including inside sales.
  • Lead generation including direct mail and SEO marketing.
  • Support fund raising,
  • Produce pro forma and fund raising decks,
  • Define long term goals
  • Exit planning.

Think of me as your right hand man and chief problem solver!

Business Background

My business background is extensive and varied. Salesman, product manager, marketing director, Chief Marketing Officer, COO and CEO. Key player in start ups and early stage operations. I was one of the first Action Coach owners in the states literally working with scores of small business owners gaining first hand knowledge of the struggles of this group.

  • 40 plus years of experience in start-up, rapid growth and turn around companies, several in medical technology businesses.
  • Skilled in investor and physician relations, business planning, sales and marketing planning, financial management, team building, business contracts, and sales management.
  • Raised funds, put products on the market, and built teams from the ground up.
  • Certified Business Consultant and Business Coach.
  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (DISC.)

Niche Marketer LLC: Owner
Telemedical Partners LLC: CEO
Rapid Web Services LLC: Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer
Action International (ActionCoach Inc.)
PuriLens Inc: Vice President, Sales
Essilor Technologies of America (Essilor Instruments): Vice President, Sales and Marketing
DgR Inc (Eyekon Inc): Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Optical Radiation Corporation: Director, Sales and Marketing
Barnes Hind Pharmaceuticals, Revlon Healthcare: Product Manager
Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Inc: Sales Representative /Product Manager

I have the scars of learning how things work and may help shorten your learning curve and make more productive decisions.

Let’s get to work solving your business problems!

Jim Shumate certified behavior analyst, DISC profiles and motivation driving forces in Tampa Bay, FL

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