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Sales coach

Sales Coach

Why do you need a sales coach?

Let’s face it, business owners are independent people who want to make their mark by working for themselves. They are highly motivated, self-starters. They are the ones who leap into action. Unfortunately, they often postpone their selling activity preferring the immediacy of operations.

Achieving revenue growth means getting on with the selling. For most people, it takes hands-on reinforcement, support and accountability to turn sales training into sales success. That’s why having a sales coach pays dividends.

Perhaps this describes you? If so, then maybe you need my services as your sales coach. If you have a sales team, inside or outside, I can extend the coaching to them.

Sales Training System

We all need an effective way to organize our selling process. A selling process should be easy to implement, help you stay on track, and help you improve sales.

Most prospects are turned off by the sales person who pushes their product rather than fulfilling a need. Spouting off a list of features and benefits is a waste of your time and more importantly your prospect’s. Learning question based selling is critical.

Learn to find and expose the key pain point for each individual prospect. Find their hot button. Hot button selling is as old as time but it works. Once you find it, that becomes the centering point for your benefit statements and closing the deal.

Our logical sales system respects and values the time of your client. It is based on 3 keys: Engagement, Logical discussion and Action which leads to Sales. We will help you produce more sales and more referrals than you ever imagined possible.

And you don’t need to be a hard closer to be successful.

Virtual Sales Manager

Talking about a sales coach, you might consider me your virtual sales manager. Let me coach, critique, and hold you and your team accountable to close more sales. I will create your system and teach you how to keep it going and growing. Let’s work on creating Brand Fans for your business and increasing the sales with your existing clients, the low-hanging fruit of sales.

I am your extra set of hands available when you need it.

Set up a time and let’s talk about your sales needs.

About the author

My business coaching and consulting business wraps all my experience into one package. My goals are to help you meet your revenue objectives. If you have a challenge and need an extra pair of hands, give me a call at 727-204-0035.