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brand fan ladder of loyalty helps prevent sales problems

Small Business Sales Problems

Sales problems for small businesses typically have three things in common:

  1.  The business owner is the “rainmaker” but isn’t trained in sales.
  2.  There is no coherent sales process or marketing system.
  3.  New clients come from referrals from current clients.

Client referrals almost always result in prospects but most businesses focus on lead generation. Lead generation is expensive and time consuming. Focus on your referrals first!

Sales and Marketing

Most companies do not coordinate marketing with sales. It’s a fact that small companies are usually sales driven. Marketing needs to be hand in glove with sales objectives.

Start with your clients. Spend time and money on this important group first. Work to convert them into referral source.

The combination of sales and marketing can be measured. And measured programs are the most efficient.

Raving Fans to Brand Fans

Brand Fan is the latest buzz word in social networking. A Brand Fan uses your product, likes your brand and raves about it online. In fact, they like your company so much they freely offer their ideas. And they happily review new products, even commenting on your advertising campaigns.

Brand Fans endorse you to their friends. They truly are your “Raving Fans.” This brand fan buzz helps create a steady stream of free, high quality, valuable referrals. Request our free guide to building your raving fans “Brand Fan Marketing Plan.”

Sales Problems Solved

Spend time improving your entire sales process and sales effectiveness. The more efficient your sales process, the higher your return on investment. Make sure your sales support marketing is in sync with the steps in your pipeline. Focus on building brand fans.

We provide strategic marketing services helping you invert your sales funnel. We teach you how to build brand fans and make your sales process more efficient and effective.

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