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Marketing Strategy Drives Your Business

Marketing makes your business go, that’s a fact. Many businesses confuse marketing and sales. Marketing people are not the folks directly selling to your customers. Your marketing strategy should identify your unique selling proposition, a niche where you dominate, create the strategies and promotional tactics. 

But it is more than brochures, websites and pretty graphics. Simply put, it provides leads that sales closes. In fact, it is the start of how the whole selling process works. The process involves every person in the company, from the CEO to the newest hire.

Niche Marketer provides the marketing strategy planning services you need.  First, we help you define your business’s target niche market. That helps you focus. Then, we analyze your current programs, products and services against the competition.  From there, we work with you creating programs that generate “the good leads.”

In addition, we work with you to develop a steady flow of referrals from your brand fans. That’s one reason we created the “Brand Fan Marketing Plan.”  It is a step by step outline to help you build your referrals.  Get your copy by clicking here.

Niche Marketer Strategic Services

First take a look at the list of sales and marketing services Niche Marketer provides to its clients.  Maybe our next client will be you!

  1. Business Consulting, Marketing Strategy and Sales Planning
  2. Target Marketing and Your USP
  3. Sales Force Management and Sales Training
  4. Pricing Strategies and Market Analysis
  5. Guerilla Marketing Tactics
  6. Direct Mail Programs with our partner, Juice Marketing.
  7. Sales Coaching and Accountability.

Medical Marketing Strategy 

We have extensive experience in medical products marketing. The list includes telemedical software, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, OTC products, surgical products and capital equipment.  Perhaps you need a CMO but cannot afford a full time employee?  For that, we provide an interim service to fill the gap.

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