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Sales Process

Sales process is a key to building your sales revenues.

Most successful companies build and follow a systematic process. And the more efficient it is, the more effective the sales team becomes. At the end of the day, profits stem from the success of your sales team. Let’s create a sales process that helps your business grow faster.

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Your Sales Process Meeting

A facilitated sales meeting where we have your reps download their successful conversions is a good start.  We may structure the meeting around sales DISC profiles.  It creates a more open meeting.  We can then involve your team in defining steps in the sales process.  Much better acceptance if they contribute.  We even use stories from your team to illustrate how the process works and what to do at each step.

Marketing Strategies and Your Sales Process

Coordinating your marketing strategies with your sales system is vital to success. Use the Brand Fan Marketing Plan as your guide for this purpose.  Then we build a spreadsheet that integrates tactics with budgets. And we create a step by step program improving conversion rates.

Everyone on your sales and marketing team should know your cost of converting a prospect. Performance standards can be the same for sales and marketing.  Your sales and marketing teams start working together, not in opposition. And you reap the rewards of a higher ROI.

Literally, with each step up the sales ladder, a specific marketing effort is launched.  All of it is controlled through a properly organized CRM system.  It’s vital to synchronizing marketing with the sales process.

Sales Services that Help You Succeed

Here is a partial list of services I provide.

  • Facilitating sales training and meetings
  • Creative sales ideas
  • Integrating sales and marketing systems
  • Developing your sales systems
  • Strategic planning and budgeting

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