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DISC High D is Dominating

Dominating is the DISC High D

If you are a DISC High D, you are probably going to skim through this page. After all, time is wasting, there are decisions to be made, and things to get done.

The ultimate extroverted, task driven type, High D’s are results oriented, bottom line organizers. Also, they are competitive, self starters and always looking down the road.They love a challenge and challenge the status quo.  The D tends to be tenacious, innovative and initiates activity.

High D’s in sales are great at closing but fall short on building relationships and rapport.  A true High D without benefit of some I will struggle in sales.  A D/I should have all the personal warmth needed for rapport with the driving need to close the deal.

Example of DISC D

If you are a Star Trek (the original), then your example of a High D is Captain James T Kirk.  He is driven by his need to direct, desire to win, challenges, high risk and is a very direct communicator.

DISC High D Modified

Like all DISC profiles, every D has his behavior modified to some degree by his balance of I, S, and C characteristics. Keep in mind that behavior is a reflection of your beliefs.  You may recognize some of these characteristics  in yourself and others.

Downside of a DISC High D

On the downside, D’s have a tendency towards anger and a short fuse.  Put a High D in a room with a High C under a pressure deadline and watch the D boil.  Or explode.Knowing how fast or slow a D is to explode will tell you how strong the D factor is in their DISC. Because of their nature, they may not be the most warm friend or spouse.

It is not unusual for a High S to work or live with the D.  Their role may be the conciliator , helping smooth the ruffled feathers and calm the seas created by the direct nature of the D.

If you have read this far, your D may be low or you have already torched so many people you work with that they avoid you like the plague.  Perhaps it would be good to take your DISC profile and then let us have a brief conversation to help you adjust to others.  After all, this has been going on for your entire life!

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