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disc testing
DISC wheel shows all DISC types including high c
High D’s Love DISC Do you have a High D Commanding personality? DISC is a great way to help understand your personal communication style.  I find most people are amazed by how much the DISC test reveals.  Not so much because it tells them something new. Nope. Its because they can’t believe those short questions...
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Sales training
Improve Sales Results with DISC Understand how your DISC behavior type and your customer’s interact can help improve sales results. What is DISC? Basically, its about communication as is sales.  Your DISC is defined by your personal mix of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, or Compliance behaviors. Your own personal behavior soup, if you wish. We are all different. We...
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DISC High C accountant cfo controller
Selling to High C You are the new sales rep. Your new boss is a hard charging high D DISC type (extroverted, task oriented.) He wants results. Your new boss is giving you a challenge: selling the high C DISC types. So how do you handle this new challenge? How Does a High I Sell...
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The DISC style behavior wheel
Your DISC Style The DISC wheel lets you see your DISC style and how close or far you are from the other behavior styles.  This is especially useful when selling a product or service. We like to tell our High I sales people to prepare for their worst nightmare, the High C buyer.  If they can...
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DISC High S: Quietly Powerful The DISC High S is the person who typically never wants to be in front of the group, leaving the limelight for others.  This does not mean they are meek, they simply do not gain energy from the spotlight. The DISC High S prefers to work in a supportive role...
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DISC High D is Dominating
Dominating is the DISC High D High D types are probably going to skim through this page. After all, time is wasting, there are decisions to be made, and things to get done. The ultimate extroverted, task driven type, they are results oriented, bottom line organizers. Also, they are competitive, self starters and always looking...
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Identity iceberg, we only see behavior DISC profile
Your DISC Identity Iceberg Similar to an iceberg, your DISC identity is like the ice that shows above the surface.  But about 90% of the iceberg is submerged and never seen.  So it is with people. DISC is widely misunderstood.  It is not a complete picture of your personality.  Its not about what is inside...
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