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Why High D Style Love DISC

DISC wheel shows all DISC types including high c

High D’s Love DISC

Do you have a High D Commanding personality? DISC is a great way to help understand your personal communication style.  I find most people are amazed by how much the DISC test reveals.  Not so much because it tells them something new.

Nope. Its because they can’t believe those short questions pinned them down.  Some people really take it to heart and try to use what they have learned.  Then there are the high D’s.

By their nature of being task oriented, outgoing types they tend to be direct.  Very direct.  Commanding.  In short, they irritate people. Only they don’t know why, because, after all, they are right, doggonit.

Light Comes On

When they discover DISC, a light turns on.  They start to realize why they upset people.  And this is even more true of a woman who is a D.  Their communication style is totally out of character for what we expect from a woman. Its a societal thing.  Assertive is one thing.  Commanding?  Hmmm.

So then the D will dig into DISC like its a silver bullet.  It certainly does help them understand why people react to them the way they do. Often, the high D, makes a greater effort (task oriented) to use this new key to getting along with people. Or to get people to do what they want (commanding) without being upset.  It does make for better business and personal relationships.

It’s Only Your Behavior

But hey high D, its not everything! Its not your total personality, just how you communicate.  Learn and adapt.  But try not to judge the non-D.  And try to become a better listener while you are at it. Learn to let others speak (I know, I know it’s so hard.)  Don’t manipulate, just roll with those warm congenial folks and detail oriented types that drive you nuts.

Have fun with DISC you high D styles!

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