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OD Social Net focuses on eyecare marketing online

Eyecare Marketing

ODSocialNet eyecare marketing works for optometrists to help them market their eyecare practices.  Before we go further, here are the results of a survey of 40 Optometry practices.

  • It turns out that 33% did not have a website.
  • Of those with sites, 45% lacked any social networking links.
  • Among those with at least a Facebook Page, 68% were not actively using it.

Plainly there is opportunity for improvement.

New Patient Value

How much is a new patient worth?
According to a reliable study, the typical new Optometry patient is worth in PROFIT $217 the first year and $650 over five years. Vision Therapy‘s patient profit is not quantified in the study, however a low side profit is about $2000. The question is then, how much would you spend to get these patients?

Who is your target market?
How you promote your practice is all about focusing on them. If you want to build your contact lens practice, how many new patients do you want per month? What about Vision Therapy patients? The demographics and decision making process is very different. Therefore, either choice requires a well thought out campaign.

Build Your Eyecare Marketing Fortress One Brick at a Time

Eyecare Marketing Brick One: Localize

Here are the first steps an eyecare local business like yours needs to take in order to get “Localized.” It starts with getting found in the Top 7 Google local maps list. And its important that you can be found by mobile phone users.

  1. Website built with “mobile friendly coding”
  2. Optimized to respond to local keyword searches
  3. A review building, reputation monitoring program
  4. Consistent directory and search engine listings
  5. An active Google+ Business Page and Facebook Page.

So before we go too far into social networking, let’s make it easy for them to find you using search engines.

Getting On Page One of Search Engines

How many times have you asked your web master to get you found on page one? As a local business, this is easier now than ever. Here are the primary steps to getting better results from searches.

Step 1. Properly Optimize (SEO) Your Website

Every page should correspond to a single eyecare search term (keyword) that you want to be found by consumers. We can help you since we know the right keywords to use and how to construct the search engine optimization page by page.

Step 2. Mobilize and Get Results

Everyday your eyecare search results are declining just as Google’s ad revenues are. Why? Because almost half of all searches are now done on mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. Your beautiful website with its popups, intense graphics and small buttons is a zero on mobile.

Step 3. Dominate Your Local Maps

It doesn’t matter whether you call it Local, Places or Maps. Those first page placements are golden. How many of the major eye care keywords are you getting ranked for in Google Local results? As long as you are revising your website, make sure it covers the basic major keywords. Also your Google Places listing needs similar attention.

Step 4. Build Massive Positive Reviews

As you start rebuilding your eyecare website and improving your Local placements, initiate a positive review program. People read these reviews and a 5 star practice with 50 reviews is going to get a lot of new business. Set a goal of 50 positive reviews. Learn how to respond constructively to any negative reviews.

Step 5. Promote Consistently on Google Plus Business Page

When it comes to getting found on Google, you must have an active Google Plus Business Page. This is different than your Google Local Page and your Google Plus personal account. We specialize in promoting on Google Plus Business Pages to drive search traffic to your website.

Eyecare Marketing Brick Two: Socialize

Eyecare social networking adds a new layer of bricks to your practice brand building. It connects you with your patients and from them to their friends. We expand your current social marketing and keep your brand consistent across all social media networks.

Getting endorsed on a social network is the best of the best. It means you have created a “brand fan” who tells everyone how great you are thus generating referral patients. We work to help you gain more online referrals

Is Facebook Delivering Patients?

Eyecare social networking does require a commitment of time on your part for it to be properly executed. Helping you with that are management services, including ours, that can handle the job. There are also social networking management tools that make the job a bit easier. It is still all about your becoming more accessible and personal with your patients.

Starting Your Eye Care Social Networking
Facebook is the primary social network for building relationships for Optometrists. We strongly recommend starting with Facebook and getting very good at it. If you are a novice to all of this, please read our e-book “Social Networking Primer for Professionals.”

Starting Your Facebook Page
First build an eyecare Facebook Page that reflects your brand image as found on your website. A Page has numerous Tabs similar to pages in a website. Make sure there are tabs for your major services. You can hire us to build your Facebook Page and do the posts for you until you are ready to take over the activity.

Eyecare Marketing Brick Three: Advertise

We believe in advertising. Well planned, budgeted with measurements in place can rapidly grow your practice. You can now launch your online advertising campaign. You should see better and more measurable results from existing advertising.

Having a strong localized eyecare web presence and social network gives you the online spider web to capture new people. This is why we recommend starting with Localize and Socialize. You get more bang for your advertising buck!

Are You Ready to Advertise Online?

Online advertising is more targeted eyecare marketing than direct mail or email. Its not like dropping money on a print magazine ad. You are in total control of your ad campaign. You can test and measure a/b results, adjust your budget and improve the content.

Google Adword Promotions
Google Adword campaigns are can be highly effective. We recommend them for specific promotions such as a special price on a brand of sunglasses. A landing page with that promotion on it is important.

Direct Mail

Never drop your direct mail campaign because not everyone makes healthcare decisions from the Internet.


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