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Medical Marketing Consultant

If you are looking for help marketing your medical product or service, give me a call.  Whether medical device, pharmaceutical, capital equipment, disposable products, or services, I can help.

Product Management

My experience in smaller firms and start-ups exposed me to all facets of running a device company. Included were better packaging for a surgical implant; created an efficient production planning system; and spearheading adapting a device to meet the market direction. I developed all the sales and marketing systems plus international distribution at a start-up. In four years, we built the company to $35 million in sales. It was in the number three position of 20 companies.

Sales Management

I have hired, trained, and managed over 500 sales people including inside sales, direct field reports, and manufacturer’s reps. My consulting covers training inside sales teams, building teams, and sales operations management.

 Marketing Mechanic

While I am not your creative advertising agency, I can help you manage your marketing better. Much as an auto mechanic first diagnosis the problem, I start the same way. Then I lay out the steps to fix the problem. And add some recommendations for new initiatives. I can step in an manage your entire marketing as a virtual marketing director. And my marketing dovetails and supports your sales force efforts.

Medical Marketing Services

  • Virtual Marketing Director
  • Virtual Sales Manager
  • Strategic and Marketing Planning
  • Customer Interviews and Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis

Marketing Implementation

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About the author

My business coaching and consulting business wraps all my experience into one package. My goals are to help you meet your revenue objectives. If you have a challenge and need an extra pair of hands, give me a call at 727-204-0035.