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People Buy from People They Like

People know, like and trust before buying

People Buy from People They Like

People do business with people they like. Pretty simple but not always obvious. Take companies dependent upon leads from Internet marketing such as websites, pay per click ads, and lead services. It is not unusual for the company to buy a CRM system that comes complete with auto-responder features. Lead comes in, out pops more marketing.

In fact, if you look at the auto industry, buying a car can be done virtually from home. Without a sales relationship, the lowest common denominator becomes price. And when price is the sole differentiating factor, who needs sales people? It is now a total commodity business.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. If sales people learned the art of creating relationships using virtual media they could transcend the trend. After all, I would still rather buy from someone I know, like and trust.

Effective Communication

The thrust of my services are built around helping people communicate. I help people understand how to deal with folks with different behavior styles than their own and improve their success. Once you know how to “blend” your style a whole new world opens up.

What is the Value of Experience?

Too many of us including consultants and coaches value their time by a set hourly rate. The reality is that some services are worth much more than the “going rate.” What is the value of experience? When your mom told you not to put your hand on the hot burner, that advice was invaluable. It became more valuable when you decided to go ahead and do it. That experience reinforced the value of your mom’s advice.

When you work with an experienced business and marketing person, you can save yourself a lot of burned hand experiences.

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My business coaching and consulting business wraps all my experience into one package. My goals are to help you meet your revenue objectives. If you have a challenge and need an extra pair of hands, give me a call at 727-204-0035.