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Tell people about your sales value proposition

Your Sales Value

Sales value is everything.  It is a major reason people choose your service or product.

If the service is provided by you, then it’s the what you bring to the relationship.  If you are bringing a product to the customer, then it’s the sum of the product plus the what you bring. The closer products are in features, the more important what you and your company add to the equation.

Price and Sales Value

And price is the last part of the equation. Price is what the customer is willing to pay for the value of the product or service, the company, and you. When the products or services are close to parity, then the decision is made on the relative value of the companies.

Creating Sales Value

Each level of communication plays a role in creating your value.  It starts with defining your USP (Unique Selling Proposition.)

The most intense and usually last form of communication is face to face. Many business sell without face to face communication and rely upon the telephone. Some companies sell only from their website with personal interaction limited to the customer service group.

Local service firms such as CPA’s, engineers, and contractors typically involve face to face meetings to confirm the sale. Supporting the face to face interaction are:

  • Verbal via Telephone
  • Written
    • Letters and Postcards
    • Collateral Mailings
    • Emails and Text messaging
  •  Attraction
    • Websites: Passive and Interactive
    • Social Media
    • Referrals from your fans

Your Personal Sales Value

Most people are shy about stating how great they are. Some people think its offensive or that you are bragging. But the fact is simply that unless you tell them about yourself, they will never know how good you are.

Why have a mountain of student loan debt and not tell people you went to one of the top business schools in the nation? When we pay for something, that means we see a value in it. If you education was worth paying for then you should talk about it.

Illustrate with Examples

Last year, you saved your clients over $1 million in taxes. You advised a client to change his retirement program so that he could save more money. You encouraged him to provide health insurance that is better than that provided by the ACA act. This made it easier for him to hire better people.

List Your Achievements

Aren’t your achievements for clients worth talking about? Start making a list of everything you have done to help your clients.  Using that list, start building your sales value proposition. It’s well worth the time.

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