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Improve sales performance with sales training
Sales isn’t about magic. It’s about hard work.

Selling requires a continual process of learning, accountability, and renewal. In fact, becoming a sales rainmaker means learning a new skill.

Some are blessed with natural people skills. However, they may find finishing the sale difficult. Others may have no problem closing, yet are not as good at building relationships. Today’s selling isn’t about pushing products. Its about your attraction factor. How well prepared are you for using social media to build your referral network?

But, the more skilled your are at asking questions, the better you become at avoiding objections. Thus you eliminate the tiresome “sales argument.” It’s all about helping the prospect make a good buying decision.

Becoming a Sales Pro

There are 3 key components to becoming a professional sales person.

  • Sales Training: Learning a methodology that helps you build consistent results.
  • Sales System: The process you consistently use to convert more opportunities
  • Accountability: Your manager or coach who evaluates, critiques and helps you improve.

Do you have all 3 in place? Could you improve faster if you had all 3 covered?

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Jim Shumate certified behavior analyst, DISC profiles and motivation driving forces in Tampa Bay, FL


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“I moved from near the bottom of 32 State Farm agents to number 2 in four months. All thanks to Jim’s sales training and hands on coaching.”

Bob DeGraaf, State Farm Agency Owner
Insurance Agent
St. Petersburg, FL

“Jim is very knowledgeable and has a wonderful sense of humor. It makes working with him a wonderful experience. He has a unique perspective on sales issues. He is a man of highest integrity and honesty. I recommend him without hesitation.”

Dr. Joanne Studer, Performance Consultant
Performance Consulting
The Villages, FL