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Managing time, people, and sales

Sales Management

Sales management is a discipline.  One of my early tests was how would I manage a district sales force of ten people?

Typically, there is a super star, some good performers and fair performers. What would you do with this group assuming one super star, 6 good performers and three fair performers?

When you need extra sales who do you go to? Can your fair performer find an extra 10%? Not likely since they struggle to meet even your most modest goals. The answer is the superstar. That person knows where to go to get the extra kick you need without prodding.

Who Will Take Your Time

And who is going to suck up your valuable time? Not the superstar as they probably give you as much if not more than you give them. My choice is to work with the good performers to make them better. As for the fair performers, I would start culling them out and replacing them with people that I train.

Understand that behavior testing does not indicate who will succeed in sales. It has a lot more to do with inner qualities such as persistence, determination, positive energy, and a great sense for people. It’s not about how good looking they are but what is inside that will make a sales person successful.

When Do You Replace Sales Reps

As you replace the fair performers, odds are you will have a one in three chance of getting a good performer so it may require a continual program of hiring,training, and culling. So a lot of sales management has to do with properly hiring people. It also has a lot to do with quickly culling the ones not engaged and performing to your standards from the beginning.

An experienced manager once told me that you make two mistakes in hiring. The first is you hire the wrong person. The second is when you keep them. Take a lesson and move along the poor performers quickly so that you can invest your time in the future stars.

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